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Living in History: Capturing OPRF Stories During the 2020 Pandemic

Chalk message in front of OPRF Museum.
Courtesy of Rachel Berlinski

We are all living through an extraordinary moment in history.  Wouldn't it be nice to capture our daily experiences during this pandemic and put them in a Time Capsule for future generations? 
In fact, you can help do that. We want to hear and see your reflections and experiences. Maybe it is a story about the routine?  Or perhaps you have experienced a special moment of clarity amid your daily schedule?  We know that neighbors are writing with chalk on sidewalks and picking a time every night to share a song (with social separation!) on various blocks.  Some neighbors are putting teddy bears and paper signs in their windows, and others wave at each other from opposite sides of the street as the weather warms and we get some fresh air. What will you want to remember? What will you want future generations to know? 

Questions written by OPRF Museum Board Member Fran Knechel with page layout by Operations Manager Rachel Berlinski. 
Help us collect history as it happens!  Please fill out the prompt below or follow this link to Google Forms. You can also contact us or send photos to


Stay safe and help us preserve your stories!

"Stay healthy, Huskies! Practice social distancing!" Message on OPRF High School field sign.
Photo courtesy of Frank Lipo.
Puzzles are a popular at-home activity, and here Debbie Detterman of River Forest works on one. Photo courtesy of Stasia Thompson.
"Quarantina," seen on the 500 block of North Lombard after a surprise snow shower fell in mid-April. Photo courtesy of Frank Lipo.
The Daly Bagel shop's grand opening was met with a good, well-spaced crowd on April 27th at Lombard and Chicago Avenues in Oak Park. Photo courtesy of Frank Lipo.
Homemade pizza. Photo courtesy of Lauren Zylstra


Students in River Forest recreated the "All In Illinois" logo in chalk and OPRF Huskies colors.
Photo courtesy of Tim Mellman
The Lake Theatre in Oak Park shows bare picture windows and a "closed" message on the marquee. Photo courtesy of Stasia Thompson.